Everyone in the office has been sick this week and I'm getting over a week-long cold. So I won't attempt a column today.

As I write these words, a social services building in San Bernardino has been attacked by three heavily armed, masked gunmen. At least 20 shooting victims have been reported and a black Yukon SUV is being sought after it departed the area. A bomb squad is surveying the building.

The shooters entered a conference room and began to gun down everyone in sight. The shooting ended shortly after that with the perpetrators having left the scene.

This has some earmarks of a possible Islamist-based attack, though no such connection has been made. I wonder if this incident will serve to wake-up Obama and his idiot minions to the immediate threat within his planned Syrian immigration.

But never fear. Our Commander in Chief is dealing with climate change which he sees as the greatest threat to our nation and the whole world.

Barack Obama is as mad as a hatter. He needs some immediate psychiatric attention to save us all from his delusions of grandeur.

I should caution however that this particular incident could be criminal rather than political.