I listened to Obama's thanksgiving message to his underlings today. He told us not to worry because he's got our back and the unnamed terrorists cannot inflict any more workplace violence upon us while we enjoy our holiday turkeys.

He also assured us that we have scores of mostly unnamed NATO nations backing us up, as soon as we provide them with the weapons to do so. He says there will be no more "setbacks" like the Paris attacks because our Secretary of State John Kerry has made friends with Syria, Russia, and Iran. Besides, President Obama has also told us that we are not at war with Islam and never will be.

What a relief!

Obama knows we should have no concern about trucking-in 10,000 more un-vetted Syrians, despite the fact that our military, FBI, CIA, NEA, intelligence sources (and just about everyone else with a normally functioning brain) is telling our P.O.T.U.S. not to do this. Welcoming these people in, they say, virtually guarantees immediate and long-term terrorism in America.

Well, I disagree with our president. I hope Americans understand the extraordinary threat to our health and safety that this flood of un-vetted immigrants represents. We don't need to study this problem. Give common sense a chance. Just take it all in cold turkey.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!