What do you do when you determine that the nation's Chief Executive, Commander in Chief, and leader of the free Western world, is mentally deranged - crazy?

Everyone should read David Kupelian's editorial in WND of 11-17. "Obama: Delusional or something worse?" (David Kupelian examines the president's stunning denial of reality.)

Trying to understand Obama's consistently bizarre decisions and confused policies is beyond the bounds of normal logic. They usually don't make sense from a pro-American and pro-Judeo-Christian perspective. To most rational people these decisions and policies only make sense from an anti-American, anti-Judeo-Christian standpoint.

Kupelian has written the clearest summary of Obama's dangerous mental state that I've seen to date, among many others. He shows that Obama is not only delusional but suffers from that state of mind in a way which endangers our country. The only other conclusion that makes sense is to declare Obama a traitor, a Manchurian Candidate-type, brainwashed to damage or destroy the country. That conclusion is a little too sci-fi for me. I have to agree with the growing number of serious on-lookers who are alarmed at Obama's destructive influence of world affairs, and America's in particular. "A little later in Fox’s primetime lineup, former CIA operative Mike Baker, a guest on “Hannity,” described Obama’s actions and attitude with regard to radical Islam as “surreal.” "Psychology expert Dr. Gina Loudon about the Paris terror attacks, observed:..." This president’s not recognizing, won’t recognize – it’s pathological that he won’t recognize radical Islam.” “It’s absolutely pathological,” responded Loudon. “And it’s not just pathological; it’s stupid and it’s dangerous.”

“One veteran forensic psychiatrist I know – an expert witness in thousands of court cases, whose expertise is sizing up criminal/antisocial people and determining what makes them tick – has described Obama to me in terms of “malignant narcissistic personality disorder.” The modifier “malignant” signifies the version of “narcissistic personality disorder” that may cross over into criminality, he explained."

“He reviewed with me a list of some of the major symptoms of NPD, comparing them with Obama’s behavior as president. Among the key markers: 1) a grandiose view of one’s achievements (everything with Obama is “historic”), 2) an utter inability to handle criticism (almost everyone criticizing Obama or his policies is attacked as selfish, “partisan” or racist) and 3) lack of genuine empathy (Obama’s designation of the apocalyptic Paris terror attacks as a “setback” in his foreign policy was reminiscent of his televised speech on the day of the Fort Hood terror attack....".

"Some, as previously mentioned, cite the disturbing degree to which Obama manifests full-blown symptoms of narcissism and/or sociopathy. " Some cite Obama’s childhood and upbringing. His Marxist-atheist-alcoholic-bigamist Kenyan father abandoned him, his Islamic stepfather raised him as a Muslim in Indonesia, his mother essentially abandoned him, and his most influential mentor as a young teenager was Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA, a pornographer and admitted sexual abuser of minors."

His religious views were imprinted by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, America-hater and hater of white people and our democratic system.

I've quoted much from Mr. Kupelian's article (WND of 11-17. "Obama: Delusional or something worse?"). I urge everyone to read it for a superb analysis of a crazy, malicious president who is a clear and present danger to America's immediate future.