I watched Barack Obama commenting on his administration's accomplishments yesterday. He appeared reflective, totally absorbed in the greatness of his imaginary achievements. In this case he gave himself an intellectual hug by expressing appreciation for interracial goodwill he has engendered between white, black, and Hispanic people.

He had in mind no doubt Treyvon Martin, and 6'-4", 300 pound, 18-year-old felon, Michael Brown, together with 28-year-old officer Darren Wilson, who had to shoot Brown in self-defense. Both shooters, after exhaustive investigation by local, state, and federal police were found innocent and the shooting fully justified. Obama jumped into both investigations, making biased allegations before any facts were established. Both shootings caused great racial confrontation - the Brown case started a massive riot with great destruction.

I assume this was the hope and change Obama advertized before entering office. It was part of his objective to "fundamentally transform" America.

Let me crash into your delusional self assessment Mr. Obama. Don't listen to the girls in your back room who have structured your thinking and been telling you how wonderful you are. Listen instead to the reality expressed by the hundreds of millions of Americans who, despite their Christian inclinations, would turn you into a small pile of ash if the intensity of their hate for your deliberately destructive policies, actions, and failures to act were released at once.

I think of an entire generation of Middle Eastern Christians, Yasidis, and others, in the hundreds of thousands, who have been wiped from the face of the earth because you would not defend them in their desperate need. Yet you and your cowardly minions seek to placate the most infamous of America's enemies by signing an unconstitutional "deal" with Iran while they spit in our face.

Your craven inability to recognize the danger you have caused the world by funding racism, stampeding millions of refugees from the Middle East into "Christian" Europe where they are causing chaos and mayhem will be responsible for true world war - soon.

Dream on you pathetic little man. You will be remembered as a weakling and a charlatan who, in former Vice President Cheney's words, " [successfully brought] America down".