Just when I thought I could escape more talk about America's dire condition (moral, military and mental) I spot a paragraph from Michael Savage, which exactly captures my own concerns. I can't escape the belief that we are already in the fringe winds of a perfect storm. This is a quick summary of that remark:

"A major battle in a war over the future of Western civilization has been lost as millions of migrants from the Middle East who largely oppose Judeo-Christian values and have no intention of assimilating flood the United States, Britain, France, Germany and other nations, talk-radio host Michael Savage told his listeners Tuesday."

Discussing the issue of open borders in America he says ' ...many who come “have no intention of assimilating and living the American dream” but prefer to “co-opt America for their own purposes.”

It may not be too late for America. It's hard to tell at this point but it doesn't look too good. I believe Europe may not recover its thousand-year-old culture. Muslims fleeing Islamic jihadist butchers by the millions have created a human tsunami which has overwhelmed the Judeo-Christian west.

"Paraphrasing an email, Savage said that what German Chancellor Angela Merkel is "doing to Germany, what the weakling is doing to England, what the socialist is doing to France, what Obama the psychopath is doing to America, will render this country non-existent in less than 50 years."

"Savage claims Marlow’s observation isolates only half the problem. He forewarned, “If we thought we had problems with illegals coming from south of the border, that is nothing compared to what is coming if Barry from Honolulu is allowed to bring in 100,000 Syrian Muslims, most of whom are military age men.” On the radio a few days ago, Savage said that “we lost the battle” and was asked by callers if he was a “defeatist?” But he asserts that he didn’t say “we lost the war, but we lost the battle.”

The former Prime Minister of Australia shares Savage's view: “All countries that say ‘anyone who gets here can stay here’ are now in peril, given the scale of the population movements that are starting to be seen,” Mr. Abbott, a conservative, said on Tuesday during a lecture honoring the British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Mr. Abbott recommended the same approach for Europe. “This means turning boats around, for people coming by sea,” he said. “It means denying entry at the border, for people with no legal right to come. And it means establishing camps for people who currently have nowhere to go.” " Such a tough policy would “gnaw at our consciences, yet it is the only way to prevent a tide of humanity surging through Europe and quite possibly changing it forever” he said.

This world is about to explode, and American government won't even tell its citizens to duck and cover.