Another bold step by Vladimir Putin today moved the US much closer to war. The intolerable naiveté, cowardice, and ignorance of our radical leftist Commander in Chief has abandoned America to an ignoble military fate.

Russia began bombing the US supported troops fighting Syrian dictator Bashar Assad. This is the worst outcome that could happen in Syria. Russia has now entered the war on behalf of Iran and will lock-in Iran's and its own hegemony in the Middle East for generations.

Once again caught with his pants down by this Russian surprise attack, Obama's press secretary sounded like a foolish child in his attempts to explain-away America's defensive negligence. Our cream puff, happy-go-lucky Secretary of State John Kerry even told us that the United States was prepared to "welcome" Russian military action in Syria - but only as long as it was directed against IS and al-Qaeda-linked groups. Obama expects Putin to play fair - or else. Or else what? Maybe he will scold Putin? Putin would politely answer "Well, you told me you would be more flexible after you were reelected."

I guess now that Obama has moved all US forces from the area we might as will give control over to our foremost enemy, Russia. It's time for an emergency psychiatric examination of American leadership. Then we can lock-up the delusional leaders!

Putin's strategy has been obvious for years; he wants to recreate the old Russian Empire. He started with attacks on Ukraine, then the prompt takeover of the Crimean peninsula, bullying the Balkan states, provocative overflights of NATO and US space, and a type of EMP attack on an American (high tech) missile destroyer in the Black Sea. Just like Old Man River he just keeps rolling along. All testing the American Commander in Chief's backbone - which Putin discovered was purely gelatinous.

Putin didn't really have to test Obama's will to respond, he already knew - he was able to listen in to all of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's top secret communications with the White House, CIA, FBI, etc., free of charge, for FOUR YEARS, on her bathroom server. These were safe, easy moves for Putin, and will continue to be for about one more year of Obama's community organizing. And, our pitiful president has the gall to "taunt" Putin?
Obama taunts Putin, China at U.N.: 'I lead the strongest military the world has ever known'

Mr. Obama, you couldn't lead a girl scout group to make a column right.

America and the world are in the most dangerous pre-war situation we have ever been in before. Israel has been placed in an almost untenable position due to American evacuation of the Middle East. War is inevitable.

I hate to write when I'm angry, and hearing that Putin has demanded that US aircraft now leave the Syria area makes me white hot. Just imagine what's going to happen during the next year before the end of Obama. Obama is our twenty-first century Benedict Arnold. We need a General Patton for president to save the day.