Our armed forces have been led by a craven leftist Commander in Chief for nearly seven years now. We are often reminded that the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps have been reduced to levels not seen since pre-WWII levels.

Not surprisingly, the only military leaders who can speak with impunity are mostly retired generals and colonels. Any active duty officer making critical remarks about present military organization is a career-ending mistake. What these generals have to say should alarm all thinking Americans.

They inform us of a president who has essentially alerted our enemies to the fact that he will not fight - for any reason, that we have no strategy to fight ISIS or sufficient military presence anywhere in the Middle East to keep the peace. Our retired generals tell us that Russia is taking over Syria and that Iraq is out of control. They say that the 14 percent reduction in U.S. troops renders the United States "unable to deter conflict and prevent wars.” The Navy Times says, "The numbers of U.S. nuclear missiles, and deployed bombers, have continued to drop while Russia's have climbed, according to a new U.S. State Department report on strategic weapons.”
"Retired General John Allen will be stepping down as envoy to the global coalition this fall. Just before he became Obama’s lead official in the fight against the Islamic State, Allen wrote an op-ed article in which he called the group a “clear and present danger to the U.S.” and said it “must be destroyed” quickly, using capabilities and power only the U.S. can bring to bear. Just over one year later, the president has yet to commit to a real plan to “degrade and destroy” the Islamic State, as he has repeatedly said is his goal.”

Most recently, the corrosive effect of Political Correctness demands that women be ushered into the ranks of all combat specialties. Women are there now in small numbers, especially in support units, but that is a destructive plan.

Two women were cheered recently for completing Ranger school. Now it is revealed that they received special treatment in the form of lower standards - as is happening across the board. "GOP lawmaker questions test scores of female Army Rangers” Radical feminists have pushed the plan to include women with men in every available combat specialty. The results, despite fraudulent reports alleging success, have been disastrous. There is one particular book which spells out the indisputable facts: Kingsley Browne's, Co-Ed Combat, the new evidence that women shouldn't fight the nation's wars."

There simply are no valid reasons to integrate the sexes in the military, and many to put a stop to it. I challenge any feminist to counter the facts in this book. Unless the country is ready to draft women into our armed forces, reasonable citizens have to speak out, like all of the retired generals have.

Browne's book is an extremely interesting read, scholarly and factual but written for the average reader.