America is sick, and may be dying.

For any rational person keeping up with national news this can't be surprising. The odor of morbidity is too pungent to be ignored.

The greatest country in human history has not succumbed to its numerous deadly enemies, it is committing suicide. America's soul has been breached like organs of a preborn child at the hands of a greedy abortionist. As all Judeo-Christian believers know, the soul is the primary spark of human life. Life ceases to exist without a soul. America's soul has, since its inception, been Judeo-Christian in nature, in its understanding of itself, but primarily in its acknowledgment of Almighty God as its creator.

Today most of America, perhaps 51 percent, has rejected our God and his precepts - His commandments. We are about to suffer the withdrawal of God's traditional protection, His blessing. Without a quick change of heart we will certainly experience the same fate as ancient Israel. As the book of the same title, Harbingers, tells us, that fate clearly faces us.

I've just been informed ( that 8 police officers have been murdered in the past 9 days in our country. Most of these murders were perpetrated by young black men, inspired by their black president. Barack Obama has facilitated months of violent racial turmoil by encouraging the spread of murderous slogans like "Black lives matter; Hands-up, don't shoot”, and most recently (referring to police officers) "Pigs in a blanket, fry'em like bacon". These slogans are the marching melodies of the radical black left which has taken control of many cities. They are marching with the Devil, and will have the Devil to pay. Without exception, these hateful emotions lead to riots that destroy black communities, ultimately causing racial suicide. And they repel and diminish the only force that can save their communities - the sworn police forces of our nation.

The majority of our government workers and the people we have elevated to public office, Congress, Supreme Court, and president, are directly responsible for America's cultural death spiral. Ultimately, of course, we the people are responsible for voting weak, incompetent, and unscrupulous people into office..

As a government we've lost our common sense. Without leadership we have become stupid. We pass a huge, disasterous Obamacare bill without having it read by any legislator. We can't know what it's all about until we pass it, said Congresswoman Pelosi. In a few days our shameless pro-Muslim president is about to have his Mad Hatter Iranian nuclear agreement passed by the same people, without knowledge of its secret content, or understanding of its obviously deadly consequences.

This coming election will tell the story of America's future. That's been said many times before, and we're still here. But this time is different. We've never had a president so intent on destroying our country. He has sold America out and endangered the world as no president has done before. The Iran deal will doubtless bring on nuclear war. Obamacare will beggar our healthcare system. And, without immediate support for both our armed forces and police forces, we can expect social chaos.

Just remember - we brought it on ourselves.