I'm glad our city council neglected to pass the "Residential Property Report Inspection” proposal at last night's meeting.

This is a check list of 31 possible problems with a home which must be corrected before sale. It's a very intrusive list, everything from condition of siding to cracked patio slabs, things which would require correction before sale. About 10 prominent real estate brokers, many former presidents of county reality organizations, showed up to voice their opposition to the proposal which could delay or kill home sales.

The council decided to study the idea further before making a decision.


My time is short this week so I can't expand on the glee I feel at the spectacle of Hillary Clinton finally losing her political entitlements. I still don't believe many people understand the extraordinary damage her customary recklessness has cost this nation in top secret disclosures to our enemies. From what we already know of her military intelligence transgressions she should be slapped with a criminal indictment and tried. The FBI should name the investigation "Operation Loose Lips". Just think, Hillary, through her prohibited private bathroom server, served-up top secret information to Russia, China, Iran, and any amateur hacker just having a little fun, for FOUR years!.

Since, as America's chief ambassador to the world, Hillary spoke to the White House daily, for four years, our enemies learned just what a craven, spineless creature Obama truly is. This knowledge eliminated any doubt about whether the US would defend Ukraine or the Crimean peninsula, so Russia just walked over and took Crimea - without a peep from the US or NATO. Maybe a NATO peep is all we could manage. The same is true of China's trespassing island creations to increase its hegemony in the South China Sea, outright theft. China also learned of Obama's testosterone deficiency by listening in on Hillary's bathroom server. Most important of all - Iran's murderous mullahs were listening in as well. That's why the so-called nuclear negotiations became such an embarrassing American collapse.

But Obama will try to do something impressive (read offensive), in his eyes, during the next 15 months. I'm guessing he will try to give Guantanamo Bay back to the Castro Brothers. Obama would be attracted to such a move by the serious division it would cause in the US.