Congratulations to our City Manager David Rowlands and our city council for producing a terrific "new" Active Adult and Community Center. The grand opening was celebrated Saturday and was thoroughly enjoyed by a large crowd. The Center has been completely rejuvenated, floor to ceiling. Be sure to stop by and participate in any of the scores of new programs or relax in the new library.


Shame on Chevron for surreptitiously turning over the operation of the soon-to-be hillside solar system to the county. Fillmore has worked with Chevron for years, and endured much inconvenience during the clean-up operations.


I have to say I had to roar after viewing Hillary's photo on top of today's DRUDGE REPORT. She has that inimitable startled ground squirrel look. After a lifetime of skullduggery with husband Bill it appears she's finally checkmated, caught with several top secret emails on her secret, home based server. Many of her squirrelly girlfriends are also being checked for fleas.

Bill and Hillary are two of America's most morally despicable political players, and have been since their Arkansas Whitewater days. The stain they have left on the political scene can never be removed. A disgraced and impeached former president and his Hell-bent-for-leather radical feminist wife, must go down in history as arch exemplars of what is killing America: immorality, greed, untrustworthiness, and criminality.

The Democrat Party loved and facilitated Bill Clinton and they embrace his wife Hillary as well. I have to ask what is left of that party? It has become a haven for Socialists, Leftists, anarchists, ambiguous genders, and New World Order fanatics.

Just think, former Secretary of State Hillary, during her whole six years in office, has provided all of her top secret information to our deadliest enemies. Russia, China, Pakistan, North Korea, ISIS, et al, have been listening-in on all of America's defense secrets - if any remain. It's startling and unprecedented.

Just think again - Hillary Clinton is the Democrat Party choice to become president of the United States! She's their frontrunner.

No wonder Putin and friends have been acting so boldly. They have been listening-in to our gutless, witless president through Hillary's home computer. They know they have nothing to fear, including fear itself.