The Gazette would like to extend its heartfelt sympathies to the Cervantes family upon learning of the recent tragic death of Adrian Cervantes in a traffic accident yesterday. God bless and console his wife Lisa, and his two children Ava and Andrew.

Rest in peace, Adrian.


I listened to President Obama on radio this morning. He was touting his Iran nuclear deal. I listened carefully as he rolled-out his rendition of reality and found it to be completely unreal. If he actually believes what he is saying he is the most deviously delusional president in American history.

I know that deviousness requires a deceitful state of mind, which Obama has in spades. But if he is also delusional it must mean that he somehow actually believes his factual distortions at some level are authentic. I guess this means that Obama has successfully constructed that famous "parallel reality" that liberals are so fond of using.

But the rest of us, we normal Americans suffering under his "leadership", have to stick to old-fashioned reality, the one that causes us to make sense of the world, the one that enables us to distinguish truth from BS.
Former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz sums-up the danger of this deal with Iran. see:

Iran nuclear deal much worse than experts ... - Fox News News Channel
Jul 14, 2015 -

"The nuclear agreement with Iran announced Tuesday was billed by EU, Iranian and US officials as historic. It is that: it is a historically dangerous accord that will destabilize the Middle East by legitimizing the nuclear program of a radical Islamist state and a state-sponsor of terror."

...the agreement will do nothing to stop activities such as warhead development and possibly covert uranium enrichment at undeclared sites."

"...As a result of these provisions, this deal will actually shorten the timeline to an Iranian nuclear bomb and enable Iran to produce many more nuclear bombs than it currently can construct using enriched uranium and plutonium fuel."

"...It is crucial that the U.S. Congress send a message to the world by decisively rejecting this agreement and making it clear that a future Republican president will reject it on his or her first day in office."

I urge everyone to read the objections to this insane deal with Iran and judge for themselves whether the terms of the deal itself (Text of Iran Nuclear Deal‎‎). make any sense at all for America. This is the most dangerous "treaty" ever to endanger the United States. It typifies Obama's dissembling Left Wing blather.