Two things in Fillmore have really bothered me for a long time. Both have been a problem for decades. The first is the inability to hear what council members are saying. I think the council sound system has been upgraded a half dozen times since I've been around, to no avail. It's extremely aggravating, and makes it difficult to take notes when all the audience can hear is a muffled whisper. I would urge all members to be sure their mics are on and to speak-up clearly - please. I thank you and so do future wannabe listeners.

The second thing bothering me is the fact that the city always waits until the approach of mid-summer to trim-back our trees. Why not do this in the fall when we don't need the shade?

* * *

It seems inappropriate to complain about trivial issues this week when the President of the United States has chosen to light the fuse which is likely to initiate a world-wide conflagration between Eastern and Western civilizations.

No rational person could have surrendered American power to Iran, as Obama has done in this nuclear "deal", without a truly evil intent. The intolerable political psychodrama we have had to witness between a lickspittle Little Lord Fauntleroy with big hair like John Kerry and the Iranian baby killers, shows Obama's collusion with Iran. Obama's intention all along has been to establish Iran as the center of Middle Eastern power. The so-called treaty is so loose it is meaningless. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says, "[Iran is] going to get hundreds of billions of dollars to fuel their terror and military machine." Obviously true.

And, as a last minute bonus the deal ends the embargo on small arms (tanks, missiles, and guns). It also facilitates Iran's intercontinental missile development. A nuclear weapons race is already under way in the Middle East thanks to America's weakness. America got nothing from the deal-not even the release of hostages! And, Israel is betrayed.

If our feckless Congress doesn't muster enough votes to halt this monstrous plan by overriding Obama's inevitable veto, prepare for unprecedented, world-wide terrorism ending in inevitable atomic war.

Have a nice day.