I would like to respond to Mr. Sandford Sr.'s letter this week.

My thanks, Mr. Sandford, for your expressions of giddy anticipation of this week's Realities. Fans can exist as positive or negative expressions of interest. I would characterize you as stereotypically negative, but a fan nevertheless. Now I have two fans. It's a start.

I hope, for the sake of the 1.5 percent of the American population afflicted with gender confusion, homosexuality, and other psychological challenges, that a resolution can be found without bringing-down more than two centuries of American Judeo-Christian culture. Please see:

You see, the extraordinary opinion of Justice Anthony M. Kennedy in the recent same-sex marriage case will prove to be the straw that really does break the nation's foundational culture, that thing that has guided the remaining 98.5 percent of the American public in determining right from wrong, good from bad, and moral from immoral. We're talking about 5,000 years of moral tradition - "Commandments" - suddenly discarded to assuage the feelings of that special 1.5 percent. How is that different from Esau swapping his birthright for a bowl of slop, or a Judas kiss?

I wholeheartedly agree with Justice Antonin Scalia's dissent, calling Kennedy's swing opinion “a judicial Putsch,” “pretentious,” “egotistic,” “silly,” and filled with “straining-to-be-memorable passages.” It is a supremely outrageous, and ironically unconstitutional usurpation of the people's fundamental rights. This sort of intellectual corruption has opened the floodgates to other constitutional monstrosities like this: "The U.S. Justice Department says in a court filing that transgender students must be allowed to use the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity." Please refer again to above link.

Scalia again: “This [Kennedy's opinion] is a naked judicial claim to legislative — indeed, super-legislative — power; a claim fundamentally at odds with our system of government... “A system of government that makes the people subordinate to a committee of nine unelected lawyers does not deserve to be called a democracy.”
This opinion will not stand. It will fall eventually through a reexamination by a future normal-thinking court, or by the responding violence of a judicially battered electorate. Call that revolution.

Most Americans know that Almighty God matters - too.