I don't feel all that great today so I'll just leave a link and a comment.

President Obama is determined to flood America with more millions of illegal aliens. There are probably 40 million here already (forget the official lies about 11 million). Ann Coulter is correct in her conclusions (see !ADIOS, AMERICA!).

We have been overwhelmed. Only someone who intends (in former Vice President Cheney's words) to "take down America" would facilitate such destruction on our country. As our Commander in Chief this makes Obama a traitor.

"Destruction" you say. Yes. Here's a recent news tidbit: NY girl 'barbarically' raped by teen gangsters from El Salvador - 2 days ago.

"This poor young woman is so lucky that she is alive. These are vicious young men'." Read this and weep for America. We've been sold-out by this treacherous president. It's time to halt all immigration until we eliminate these alien savages.

Obama wants America impotent and defenseless.