I frequently ask myself if anything is going right with the government, especially during the past six years. It's not an unreasonable question to ask and I usually conclude with a negative answer.

The negative answer may at first sound like an absurd sweeping generalization. But in a broad sense it is not. Looking at the US government, department by department, everything seems to be in failure mode. Like former Vice President Cheney has said, "Obama wants to take America down." And his efforts to do so are obvious; he has eviscerated our armed forces in the face of the enemy, is bankrupting our treasury with his spendthrift policies, undermining our police forces, and exposing us to direct atomic attack in his secret deals with Iran.
Homeland security is a joke, as we have recently learned that 95 percent of airline terminal inspections failed to find guns and explosives. Three sailors in our submarine service have already been jailed for sneaking photos of our new female submariners. Feminists claim that women placed onboard submarines with men, submerged and isolated for months, won't cause a discipline or distraction problem - naaah, of course not.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder has just been replaced with a clone, Loretta Lynch. China and Russia both scoff at American military power and continue their aggression at a rapid pace. We do nothing to stop the ISIS butchery in Africa and the Middle East. The blood of the beheaded babies, murdered fathers, raped, enslaved, and mutilated girls and women is on Obama's hands. Where are those fearless Feminists when we need them? Trying out for our special forces.

Oh, and of course America's immigration nightmare. As Ann Coulter is saying, "Adios America!"