The Katzenjammers are back! This sorry little band must be agonizing over the incredible success of the city council, which replaced them since that fateful election. They (through Fillmore Senior Center Inc.) have filed a complaint against the Fillmore City Council for replacing them as operators of our Fillmore Senior Center with a new staff and board of directors. This group (FSCI) is composed of many friends of the old Katzenjammers who once ruled the roost on the old city council.

It's time for our Council to bring an action against Fillmore Senior Center, Inc. (FSCI) to recover approximately $130,000 which the city had to pay in settlement for the unlawful sexual harassment behavior of its appointed volunteers at the Center.


I'm among the few of my extended family who has not visited Ireland. Both sides of my family are Irish and I've fostered a strong, lifelong attachment to the Emerald Isle.

I'm also among the hundreds of millions who were shocked to discover that the young people of Ireland recently voted through referendum (by 62%) to legalize so-called gay "marriage".

Ireland has been a center of Catholic faith for more than a thousand years, 87% in the Republic. The faith reached Ireland in the fourth century. "It was here that the lamp of Latin learning was preserved for the ages. During this age, the great illuminated manuscripts of Ireland were produced. Arguably the finest such work is The Book of Kells which may still be viewed at Trinity College, Dublin."

The traditional Catholic Church is stunned and scandalized by this legitimizing of gay "marriage" into the Irish Constitution by the "young people". Once again we see the work of the Godless liberal Left.

It's been a long-standing desire of mine to visit Ireland, "the Land of Saints and Scholars". But I have lost that desire since it has now become the land of Schismatics and Sodomites.

I say that out of fundamental religious convictions - not modern sociological theory. Saints Brigid, Columba, and Patrick weep over a new lost Irish generation.