CORRECTION: In last week's Realities, some details in my reporting of the incident at the School Farm where a goat was killed, were wrong. Here is a correct report of the facts:

"There were two [feral] dogs that had come onto the school farm. One entered a goat pen and killed one goat and was going after a second goat. The School Farm Tech shot at the dog. Both dogs ran off toward the river and did not return The School District wanted the tech terminated for discharging a firearm in a school zone. A police report was made and the District Attorney's office determined that no law was broken and no charges would be filed. There are no written policies covering the school farm. There were no students at the farm at time of incident. The school board, after a public hearing, determined to reduce the termination to a 30 day's suspension."

My thanks for the correction, and for reminding me that factual accuracy should always come first - except where the liberal media are concerned.

In my opinion the Tech acted responsibly under the circumstances and should be commended for his diligence instead of being punished. He should not lose 30-days pay.


Former governor Martin O'Malley is expected to announce his Democratic candidacy for president on May 20. Emphasizing his "youth," posing with his shirt off, he looks much like Putin on horseback. Two posturing hero wannabes. World affairs are now in such a state of emergency, thanks to Obama's disastrous attempts to "fundamentally transform" America, that anything more the Democrats might do before or after the election, can only ignite a conflagration.

The question is not whether Obama will continue to launch more attacks on our Constitution, but whether these efforts can be stopped before the end of his presidency. The latest revelation of his nation-destabilizing schemes is to federalize our state police power. If he succeeds here, he and his crooked Attorneys General can eliminate state-run police forces and institute any changes he wishes to impose upon the American people - such as firearms confiscation, and selective racial application of the law. With our Congress proven to be absolutely impotent to control our rogue president's executive orders, our last resort, according to a recent guest speaker on Hannity, might just be "...taking matters into our own hands."