In my nearly-27 years in Fillmore I've never seen better cooperation between our school district and our city council. Last night's joint meeting exemplified that fact as the two groups joined together to unify their mutual interests in community affairs. Fillmore will now enjoy shared facilities and responsibilities for our military banner program. We should all be proud of this new-found civility and productivity. Hello and Congratulations to our Fillmore City Council and School District Board. Goodbye to the bad old days of confrontation.


The recent riots in Baltimore are facilitated racism - but not white on black racism; it's the other way around. Baltimore's population is more than 50 percent African-American, with a black Mayor, a black police commissioner, and a more than 50 percent black police force. It's mayor is astonishingly clueless regarding even common sense preparations against a looming riot. Too little - too late. Ditto for the city police commissioner. Leftists, gang bangers, Soros anarchists, criminal opportunists set the stage for a perfect storm of chaos - sparked by massive incompetence. The mentality of the activists: like a homeowner yelling, "Do what I say or I'll burn my house down!"