Fillmore High School senior, Jorge Hurtado, received a special Edison scholarship for $40,000 this afternoon. Unfortunately the surprise presentation came a half-hour before press time and we don't have the information for the complete story. Therefore we will run the story next week in living color. Congratulations Mr. Hurtado!


A week or so ago I recommended that the Pope concentrate on spiritual matters and leave defense issues to military experts. The Pope, in his Easter address, praised the framework for the Iranian nuclear treaty which would "make the world safer."

This conclusion is not only wrong but holds out false hope for peace, like Chamberlin's naive hope for "peace in our time" by believing in Hitler's promises. Obama's astonishing naiveté will have the immediate effect of locking the world into certain nuclear conflagration in the near future. Iran is the world's leading fomenter of terrorism, the creator of virtually all terrorist groups like ISIS, which have murdered most Christians from the Middle East to North Africa.

Iran is building intercontinental ballistic missiles to which they intend to attach nuclear bombs. It's their express intention to destroy Israel and America. They practice their apocalyptic Islamic goals with bloody enthusiasm.

If this deadly foolish "treaty" is concluded every Middle East nation will seek atomic defensive measures and an atomic conflagration will be inevitable.

And so, Your Holiness, with respect, this is a framework for total atomic war, not peace in our time. To confirm this conclusion ask the bishops of Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Nigeria and other victim countries which have recently experienced the Christian Holocaust.