Our Fillmore School District office has had a sudden face lift.

The old deodar tree taken down on April Fools' Day because it was about as dead as a tree can be. A serious lack of irrigation over the years caused its demise. The sawyer, Luke Klinzing, did an expert job. He counted 50 rings on the stump. Fear of heavy falling limbs made the removal necessary. The impact of the falling stump brought people out of their offices nearly a block away. I suggest the remaining (struggling) tree also be taken down, and perhaps replace them with two matching redwoods.


I agree entirely with the comment that former Vice President Dick Cheney made on "The Hugh Hewitt Show" Tuesday night. Cheney said that President Obama's foreign policy actions around the world show a president who wants "to take America down."

Obama is a dangerous man determined to destroy our nation's preeminence as the most stabilizing force among competing nations. He has set the stage for World War III and left America deliberately unprepared by skeletonizing our military, abandoning our traditional allies, like Israel, and befriending our deadliest enemies, like Iran.

Aside from what the Pope may believe, Obama's latest effort at befriending Iran is a suicide mission. The Pope should stick to spiritual matters and leave defense matters to the military. Only a fool would fail to recognize the fact that America is due to be attacked - soon. See Drudge links today.