President Obama has taken office; most conservatives feel like taking cover.

The most unqualified man in presidential history is in the driver’s seat as Commander in Chief of our armed forces, head of CIA, FBI, and numerous other military and civilian intelligence services. He also controls both houses of Congress and is leader of the most radically liberal political faction in the country.

The worrisome thing is that Obama was chosen because of his race, not because of any particular qualification. Any number of black Americans could have filled the position with educated intelligence and deep experience. But few among these talented men can match the mysterious oracular presence of Mr. Obama. And so, he has been chosen because of his race and speaking ability, by 95 percent of his race. If racial identity and speaking ability are enough to successfully defend this nation against its many deadly enemies and save a collapsing economy, he will succeed. But, these are not the qualities required at this time in history. So, this tsunami of triumphalism from the Left is just so much emotional confetti tossed into in the winds of war. Unless human nature changes dramatically during the next four years, Barack Obama will drive America over a cliff.

From a traditional point of view Obama is judged, as desired, by the quality of his character, not the color of his skin. Traditionalists and conservatives see little to commend his character. His only accomplishments have been to succeed to higher office with the assistance of an army of Chicago’s worst political weasels. His long-time pastor (Wright) is a virulent, racist hate monger. He has kept the company of criminals and terrorists. He has nominated to cabinet level office scofflaws and men who pimp for notorious criminals and active terrorists. His appointments and associations are an index to his character, which is black indeed.

But, for the true conservative Christian, Obama is a true abomination. His philosophy of life (who is protected from homicide) spells four more years of slaughter of the innocent children waiting to be born. On this issue there is no worse person in or out of government, and millions of children will continue to die under his presidency. How bad? Read this:

The Obama Debate Every American Should See
by Terence P. Jeffrey

"The most telling debate Barack Obama ever had was not with John McCain but Patrick O'Malley, who served with Obama in the Illinois Senate and engaged Obama in a colloquy every American should read.

The Obama-O'Malley debate was a defining moment for Obama because it dealt with such a fundamental issue: The state's duty to protect the civil rights of the young and disabled.

Some background: Eight years ago, nurse Jill Stanek went public about the "induced-labor abortions" performed at the Illinois hospital where she worked. Often done on Down syndrome babies, the procedure involved medicating the mother to cause premature labor.

Babies who survived this, Stanek testified in the U.S. Congress, were brought to a soiled linen room and left alone to die without care or comforting.

Then-Illinois state Sen. Patrick O'Malley, whom I interviewed this week, contacted the state attorney general's office to see whether existing laws protected a newborn abortion-survivor's rights as a U.S. citizen. He was told they did not.

So, O'Malley -- a lawyer, veteran lawmaker and colleague of Obama on the Illinois Senate Judiciary Committee -- drafted legislation.

In 2001, he introduced three bills. SB1093 said if a doctor performing an abortion believed there was a likelihood the baby would survive, another physician must be present "to assess the child's viability and provide medical care." SB1094 gave the parents, or a state-appointed guardian, the right to sue to protect the child's rights. SB1095 simply said a baby alive after "complete expulsion or extraction from its mother" would be considered a "'person, 'human being,' 'child' and 'individual.'"

The bills dealt exclusively with born children. "This legislation was about preventing conduct that allowed infanticide to take place in the state of Illinois," O'Malley told me.

The Judiciary Committee approved the bills with Obama in opposition. On March 31, 2001, they came up on the Illinois senate floor. Only one member spoke against them: Obama.

"Nobody else said anything," O'Malley recalls. The official transcript validates this.
"Sen. O'Malley," Obama said near the beginning of the discussion, "the testimony during the committee indicated that one of the key concerns was -- is that there was a method of abortion, an induced abortion, where the -- the fetus or child, as -- as some might describe it, is still temporarily alive outside the womb."

Obama made three crucial concessions here: the legislation was about 1) a human being, who was 2) "alive" and 3) "outside the womb."

He also used an odd redundancy: "temporarily alive." Is there another type of human?
"And one of the concerns that came out in the testimony was the fact that they were not being properly cared for during that brief period of time that they were still living," Obama continued.

Here he made another crucial concession: The intention of the legislation was to make sure that 1) a human being, 2) alive and 3) outside the womb was 4) "properly cared for."
"Is that correct?" Obama asked O'Malley.

O'Malley tightened the logical knot. "(T)his bill suggests that appropriate steps be taken to treat that baby as a -- a citizen of the United States and afforded all the rights and protections it deserves under the Constitution of the United States," said O'Malley.

But to these specific temporarily-alive-outside-the-womb-human beings -- to these children who had survived a botched abortion, whose hearts were beating, whose muscles were moving, whose lungs were heaving -- to these specific children of God, Obama was not willing to concede any constitutional rights at all.

To explain his position, Obama came up with yet another term to describe the human being who would be protected by O'Malley's bills. The abortion survivor became a "pre-viable fetus."

By definition, however, a born baby cannot be a "fetus." Merriam-Webster Online defines "fetus" as an "unborn or unhatched vertebrate" or "a developing human from usually two months after conception to birth." Obama had already conceded these human beings were "alive outside the womb."

"No. 1," said Obama, "whenever we define a pre-viable fetus as a person that is protected by the equal protection clause or other elements of the Constitution, what we're really saying is, in fact, that they are persons that are entitled to the kinds of protections that would be provided to a -- a child, a nine-month-old -- child that was delivered to term."

Yes. In other words, a baby born alive at 37 weeks is just as much a human "person" as a baby born alive at 22 weeks.

Obama, however, saw a problem with calling abortion survivors "persons." "I mean, it -- it would essentially bar abortions," said Obama, "because the equal protection clause does not allow somebody to kill a child, and if this is a child, then this would be an antiabortion statute."

For Obama, whether or not a temporarily-alive-outside-the-womb little girl is a "person" entitled to constitutional rights is not determined by her humanity, her age or even her place in space relative to her mother's uterus. It is determined by a whether a doctor has been trying to kill her."

This exemplifies the character of the man claiming to defend civil rights. He has no moral sense or compassion for the most innocent and defenseless of human beings. I agree with those who affirm that America will have neither peace nor prosperity again until we stop killing our unborn children. No issue is more compelling.

Next week – a few words about the last city council meeting and the embarrassing attempt to enhance our new City Clerk’s power and prestige. People! The job pays $25 per month. There’s a reason for that.