The whole world, free and otherwise, watches Sec. of State John Kerry plead with Iran to promise not to build a nuclear weapon. On just a handshake. The world is in a state of stunned disbelief at the spectacle of the United States of America begging Iran (the world's foremost terrorist state) to agree not to build the bomb. It all reminds me of a 1969 release by Fifth Dimension entitled Wedding Bell Blues, sung with some urgency "...Oh come on Bill...won't you marry me Bill?!" This deadly national degradation all to provide a "legacy" for Barack Obama.

Even the Arabs are aghast at the proceedings, and now seek their own bomb. FOX news commentator Charles Krauthammer nailed Kerry's character in his March 23 statement: Krauthammer: Kerry Claim is 'Rich' | Freedom's Back. Kerry has sold us out with that "...fake Brahmin accent of yours", Krauthammer said.