Conservative radio commentator Dennis Prager always has my attention in the morning, for as long as I can listen-in. He is among the plethora of brilliant conservative voices which own AM radio. Always thoughtful, insightful, and truthful, it's comforting to know they're there.

As I watch Hillary Clinton's opening act in her run for the presidency, a comment by Prager this morning dragged me back to the dark days of the Clinton presidency. He quoted a distinguished political commentator of the 1990s, saying, "Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar." Checking that statement online I find that numerous others have come to the same conclusion. Of course, lying is a family trait with Clintons.

Hillary should be criminally charged for her supreme public act of deceit, concealing the fact that she ran her office of Secretary of State out of her basement, on two private email servers. All national communications were handled this way for four years! She never used official (protected) government servers to transmit top secret information. Happy day for the Russians and Chinese intelligence services.

What worries me, as always, is the continuing popularity of another charlatan, like Obama. America can never recover its world prominence if it continues to elect slick talking fools and pathological liars like Barack Obama and Hillary. But liberals, leftists, and lunatics just love these types; perhaps because they resemble themselves?

Then I see a bold leading headline on DRUDGE, from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette of February 5, 1998, by Michael Kelly, regurgitating, ironically, the rich history of President Bill Clinton's lies, including the infamous "It all depends on what the definition of "is" is."

Have the American people become so stupid as to welcome the Clintonistas back to the White House? Or, have 50 percent of us always been that way?