I would be willing to bet Hillary Clinton does not run for president. If she does, I believe she will lose.
The thought of Clintons returning to the White House is alarming. Former President Bill succeeded in disgracing the office as no other predecessor in the country's history. It's not as alarming as watching Obama at work "fundamentally" changing the nation's social, financial, military, and medical stability, but alarming just the same.

The thought of having both of these love birds occupying the same house again seems comical at the domestic level. She could throw things at Bill with impunity, and sic the Secret Service on him when he's prowling around at night. This has always been the archetypical political marriage of convenience. They are two political peas in a money-power pod.

There is no important difference between Bill and Hillary's moral or ethical makeup. Both have always seen themselves above the law. That's the primary reason she took it upon herself to create and use her own email system during her stint as Secretary of State. She chose to avoid the official state email system altogether, which is protected. Using her own email system permitted her to control which of her emails would be archived, as demanded by law, and which would not. We can reasonably assume now that every official email Hillary sent or received during her years as Obama's Secretary of State has been hacked. I wonder if we can retrieve any messages on the Benghazi "Stand down"?

I don't believe Hillary will ever be president, but then, who knows what that 51 percent of our liberal electorate might do?