Thank you Lord for the rain!


Just a reminder that the public is invited to Appreciation Day set for March 1, at the Fillmore First Baptist Church, 1057 First Street in Fillmore. The church invites everyone to join in showing our support for all of our local Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and Emergency Medical Personnel. There will be an emergency vehicle display, and jolly jumpers.


I thought it would be interesting to comment on a few headlines from the DRUDGE REPORT. So brace yourself.
"Senate Republicans wave white flag on amnesty". They (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell) should shut down the government before letting Osama get by with another unconstitutional move. If Republicans fail to keep their word on this issue, again, they deserve the contempt which will follow, and an end to conservative support.


"Osama military downsizing leaves U.S. too weak to counter global threats, panel finds”.

The world is more perilous today than in the pre-WWII period. Obama has pink-slipped thousands of our most experienced military personnel, cut back massively on procurement, and demoralized the troops with the blunt stupidity of his Leftist naïveté. China and Russia are boasting of military invincibility and North Korea is building long range missiles. Iran will have a bomb shortly, thanks to Obama's willful stupidity, which will precipitate a nuclear arms race throughout much of the world. Obama is sympathetic to bloody Islamic Jihadism (by an absence of meaningful response) and hostile to our faithful friend, Israel, the only democratic nation in the Middle East. Obama dreams of pacifying the Middle East with a "jobs program" for Islamic child rapists and sex slave entrepreneurs. Obama refuses to keep the promises made to the Ukraine for military protection against Russia (for which Ukraine, in reliance upon those promises, gave up its nuclear weapons) and refuses to provide defensive arms to the Kurds, also as promised.

How foolish, how positively stupid (and dangerous) are Obama's foreign "policies" which betray a complete lack of rational strategy. No rational person could believe his actions will result in anything but national and international catastrophe. The girls in the White House back room are dictating military strategy to our generals while our enemies laugh.

Barack Obama and his cabinet clowns, are killing America.