Last week I commented on the city's decision to end the lease with Fillmore Senior Center, Inc. (FSCI), who have been running our Senior Center. I received the information shortly before we went to press and promised more facts on the issue this week. Mayor Doug Tucker has provided those facts in his letter to the editor this week, so I will bow out of the discussion. If FSCI board members continue hectoring the city over the lease maybe the city should consider a suit to recover the $130,000 the city had to pay to settle harassment claims due to FSCI board members' conduct.


U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen has saved the day with his decision to block Obama's unconstitutional immigration move to exempt nearly 5 million illegal aliens from deportation. The country is dissolving in an alien soup while the aliens themselves have become so embolden as to challenge and mock US laws. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) warns us of illegal alien ‘Militancy’ , and Mexican-American journalist Jorge Ramos warns of retribution in 2016. Both of these guys have abandoned their American loyalty as band majors for a foreign country. Remember the story of The Three Little Pigs? "Let me in or I'll huff and I'll puff till I blow the house in". It's past time to defend American sovereignty by securing our borders. Then, we also have the Islamic butchers of ISIS to think about - who just burned 45 innocent people to death.

When the history of America is written (by whomever is left to write it) say 50 years from now, Barack Obama will be recognized as the man who gave away the greatest nation in world history. It's clear to see that every major policy and decision he has made during the past 6 years has damaged our defense and domestic stability. He has gathered into his government some of the most ignorant, incompetent, and treacherous persons, people of the extreme Left.

While he has facilitated the moral dissolution of our domestic society, he has also given aid and comfort to the nation's enemies. It is his disastrous meddling in foreign affairs that will prove to be most directly responsible for America's demise. He will be the reason Iran will get atomic weapons, causing a world-wide arms race.

NATO is a toothless, paper tiger. None of America's old allies has the will or ability to form an effective defense against ISIS and its numerous affiliations. Russia’s Putin will continue his invasions of Europe. North Korea will continue making atomic weapons and ballistic missiles aimed at America. China, with its trillions in hand, will overwhelm Taiwan and other smaller Asian nations because the US is too weak to react, due to Obama defense cut-backs. We also have virtually all of the Middle East and North Africa turning on us.

Then there is Israel - the only democratic nation of the Middle East, and our ONLY friend, which Obama has singled out for abandonment.

Obama should be impeached, convicted for giving aid and comfort to the enemy, removed from office, and jailed. But, then we have Biden to deal with! Button-up your bomb shelter, because Franklin Graham is right in warning - "The storm is coming".