This Tuesday at approximately 12:00 p.m. the Gazette received copies of three letters relating to a lease-use agreement of city facilities (the Senior Center) by a non-profit group, Fillmore Senior Center, Inc. (FSCI). I have not had time to review the letters nor details of the long-brewing dispute between the city and FSCI. The City has taken action to cancel the lease with FSCU. As an Oversight Board member of the Successor Agency to the Fillmore Redevelopment Agency, Patti Walker opposes the action.

But, drawing from my year's experience covering some of the principal FSCI board members (when they occupied seats on the Fillmore City Council) it wouldn't surprise me learn that their complaints here are unfounded.
The city wishes to take over operations at the Center because, among other things, they believe they can expand and improve service. In an April 14, 2014 letter (addressed to the president of the FSCI board) reference is also made to recent problems at the Center where "...the City has settled claims from two now former employees for harassment suffered by Board members at the Center, at a cost of almost $130,000.00. As the Center is a City-funded facility that is intended to provide a benefit to residents of the City and the surrounding community, the City Council will not tolerate the mistreatment of anyone at the facility."

Apparently there have been ongoing issues under FSCI management at the Center.

Next week the Gazette will publish a more complete story. Essentially, the City has broken the lease with FSCI. Walker's departing comment at Tuesday's conclusion of the Council - "This is bullshit!"
Well, something really does smell bad here, Patti.