I really tried to pay attention to Obama's State of the Nation address last night, but failed in the effort. As I expected, it was just too unbelievable; the audience was given a peek into our president's make-believe world, that place where he is still the slick-talking, cool community organizer addressing his spellbound community. He is delusional.

Obama is someone incapable of accepting even glaring reality, and the glaring reality facing him today is failure, the catastrophic failure of his wildly liberal-leftist policies. In his head the hussahs of past election victories resound and the band plays on.

His speech enumerated what he sees as foreign and domestic achievements. His interpretations of his policy successes signify a psychological problem. Every presidential foreign policy directive has ended in serious defense damage to America. His domestic policy decisions damage us as well. Obama covers his incompetence and wrong-headed moves with blatant lies and obfuscation.

Who was responsible for the extraordinary screw-up concerning Fast and Furious? How incredibly stupid and tragic. Was it his crooked Attorney General? What about the IRS scandal? Whose policy was that? What about all of those bloody incidents of "Workplace Violence"? Our federal defense institutions are forbidden to call it Islamic Terrorism? Who told the Benghazi rescue team to "stand down"? Who ruined the effective sanctions against Iran, facilitating the construction of the bomb? Who backtracked on the "red line" in Libya, failed to help in Crimea and Ukraine, and sides with Islamic terrorists against Israel, our only Middle Eastern friend?

To watch Obama prattle on about his successes gave me a case of vertigo. And the crowd clapped enthusiastically. And, when I think of the folks he has appointed to run the show for him I'm surprised we haven't yet suffered another 9/11, or much worse. Al Sharpton, ex-dope dealer, Twana Brawley fraudster, tax cheat, and the country's biggest shakedown artist, a close personal friend of the president! Obama should go all the way and appoint the Reverend Al to the top drawer of his cabinet, Make him the Clown Czar in charge of race relations.

For these reasons I couldn't get through the entire speech.