Katzenjammer Redux.

First on last night's city council agenda was the issue of renewing the lease of our Senior Center to the nonprofit Fillmore Senior Center, Inc. (FSCI).

Among the officers and associates of the FSCI are former Fillmore City Council members Patti Walker and (volunteer) Gayle Washburn who addressed the Council. Neither is a resident of Fillmore. Walker and Washburn (both former tag team favorites for the now defunct "Katzenjammer" party) did not fail to entertain. They had been spoiling for another bout with the council which had replaced them; they wished to hold on to the Senior Center lease which they recently lost.

The FSCI group's complaints included the City's English language session taking place in their space. The City wished to enhance the Center's programs. Washburn and Walker threatened a lawsuit over alleged violations of the Brown Act for making the lease decision in closed session. The city attorney responded that real estate issues must be discussed in closed session.

It was shades of the old regime's tactics of confrontation and sour attitude; the last meeting headed by Washburn required the presence of three police officers. One person was ordered out of the meeting.

Well, this meeting turned out to be a tempest in a teacup; Washburn and Walker lost, again, and everyone went home peacefully. But I'm sure the team of W &W will find some other group to control soon.

I confess I miss (a little bit) the energy and entertainment provided by the old meetings. But, look how far the city has come (and overcome) in little more than a year under new management!


Once again our clueless President Obama has embarrassed America by deliberately snubbing France by failing to send a high-level representative to the memorial march in Paris for the 17 citizens murdered by Islamic Jihadists.

France has been our ally since the French and Indian War. Islam has been our enemy since the days of the Barbary pirates; and of course during WWI and WWII - and today, as well as the next several generations.

There are no more excuses for the president's actions - he is a friend to our enemies and the enemy to our friends. He has betrayed our Constitution which he has twice sworn to defend.

Congress should get to work on a few Constitutional amendments. One would give congress the power to remove from office any president whose words and actions clearly show, to the average reasonable person, that he or she is disloyal to the country by refusing to defend the Constitution, enforce the law, and/or is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Barack Obama is that disloyal President.