With the liberal Left on the attack against America's law enforcement officers across the country it's past time for all law-abiding citizens to join in the defense of our police forces. I'm sick of hearing the Al Sharpton race-baiting machine, the liberal media¸ our craven president and his crooked Attorney General heap lies and other abuse on the men and women in blue who keep us safe every day.

If law enforcement were to pull out of Sharpton's neighborhoods total anarchy would be the immediate result.

Each of the deceased black men Sharpton claims to champion were unlawfully resisting arrest, one attempting to take the officer's firearm. Every official inquiry found the police officers involved to be innocent of any wrongdoing. The mantra "Hands up, don't shoot" derives from a gross and proven lie. Crime statistics also prove that the black community suffers from a major cultural problem with deadly violence, mostly among members of that community. Chicago is a glaring example with its extraordinary black-on-black murder rate.

God bless our cops for the work they do, risking their lives every day to keep the rest of us safe! Let's stand together in their defense!