Probably no other part of my computer is more heavily used than DRUDGE. I'm on and off that site more than 10-hours a day. But as the months go by I'm more reluctant to open it up in the morning.

DRUDGE is a snapshot of the world's social, political, and military condition. And, that's the problem; for me, visiting the site is like having a bucket of ice water tossed in my face. I anticipate that confrontation but it doesn't make it any more welcome.

I'm talking about bad news, really bad news. More specifically, news demonstrating the accelerating state of our country's demise. Because, as I see it, I'm watching America undergo a spiritual, cultural, material, and military collapse at the hands of resurgent Leftist, communist, and other anti-Judeo-Christian factions. They have a death grip on our country and have invited every sort of anti-religious rot to infect the nation's institutions, beginning with the family.

Ironically, most traditional Judeo-Christian organizations readily admit this; they see it all happening, but seem impotent to correct the situation. All of our defense and intelligence agencies (FBI, CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff), sound the alarm, without effect. We are without leadership - we are asleep.

Anyone paying attention to world affairs must recognize the growing power of our enemies (Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Jihadist Islam) (which is a majority of Muslim believers - NOT a small minority which we are constantly led to believe, but an enormous majority in Islamic nations) see Ben Shapiro:

Most Americans are blind to America's vulnerability. Our military is now too weak to withstand multiple attacks, even against our homeland. We have been betrayed by Obama's enemy-friendly "leadership". Nuclear commander lost job after being caught playing fake poker chips....

I believe America will soon suffer multiple, devastating attacks on our military, infrastructure, financial, communications, food and health sectors, which will "fundamentally change" us forever. A solution: pray - pray very hard and often.