I'm having a hard time settling down today; some good news (Thank you Lord for the rain) and some bad, as usual.

For those of you who think I'm too preoccupied with military defense, I offer you this bit of news. At least this was news to me considering the mostly unreported facts. The story was first reported by Russian radio. Here's a link to the full story: What frightened the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black ...

In short, our most sophisticated destroyer, USS Donald Cook, was posted to the Black Sea to monitor Russia's aggression against the Ukraine, et al. The Cook has our most up-to-date electronic surveillance equipment. A Russian fighter-bomber approached the Cook, was warned off but ignored the warning. It then circled the Cook at very low altitude, causing all of the Cook's radar and other tracking equipment to go black. In the words of witnesses, the Cook was deaf and blind. This was due to the unarmed Russian plane's jamming equipment.

If the Russians can do this, right now, how safe are our carrier battle groups? How safe are our land missiles?

But wait! How secure are our Minuteman missiles? After a string of appalling reports of negligent maintenance, we hear about this: Nuclear commander lost job after being caught playing fake ... ... The Daily Telegraph Nov 23, 2014 - Vice-Admiral Timothy Giardina Photo: AP Photo/U.S. Navy "... known as Navy Tim, a heavy gambler who was accused of making his own $500 poker chips and eventually banned. ... America's nuclear weapons general sacked." And he was second-highest in command!

Moving right along to domestic challenges, we're finally hearing from responsible black commentators, like Former NBA star Charles Barkley, award winning economist Thomas Sowell, Dr. Ben Carson and many other distinguished African-Americans about the Ferguson scandal. Barkley calls the rioters "scumbags". Each of them stands-up for officer Wilson and defend our police officers, which our President and Attorney General do not. The truth in this matter is that Brown was a felon and a thug and officer Wilson was a good cop doing his job by the numbers. Who thinks of his future after being completely slandered? He must now move from place to place for his safety.