I'm convinced that there will be no end to Obama's lethal, nation-endangering, buffoonery. When the Republicans take over congress a laundry list of critical changes await them, like the Keystone Pipeline, eliminating Obamacare, buttoning-up our borders, etc. But none are as urgent as rebuilding our defense capabilities. We are surrounded by a pack of lean and salivating wolves (Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and a score of their mongrel cousins like ISIS.

America has never before faced such threatening odds to our freedom; at least not since the Revolutionary War when the whole idea of a United States of America was nearly snuffed-out in its infancy. We have survived many wars through our strength - moral and military.

Our present deadly exposure is caused by the Leftist-liberal policies placed into our government by a gum-chewing man in purple pajamas now presenting himself as President of the United States of America to our arch-enemy, China. A short while back he was whispering sweet nothings to a leader of a different arch-enemy, Russia; "After I'm reelected I will have more flexibility" [to betray my country]. Then there's the recent revelation of "secret letters" to our most mentally unbalanced arch-enemy, Iran, facilitating its nuclear bomb program.

As Obama chewed his way through the reception line his host was presenting their latest stealth fighter, the J-31, China's answer to the United States' F-35, which is nearly an exact copy - do to China's superb hacking capabilities.

Meanwhile, Russian bombers will soon conduct regular patrols, ranging from the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico.

Can it be that the American government has become too stupid to recognize the obvious fact that our enemies plan to attack America, soon? How many failures have been reported concerning incompetence in our Air Force ICBM maintenance?

But wait! We seem distracted instead by reports such as "Man pleads not guilty to lewd act with stuffed animal inside WALMART."

Thanks to congressional and presidential stupidity, intransigence and incompetence, it is now more than plausible that we will suffer a nuclear attack - with all those arch-enemies joining in the fun.

The new Republicans had damn well better get their priorities right!