Happy New Year to all Gazette readers. This is the last edition of 2008. By any measure this has been an extraordinary year. I wish it had been a happier one.
The most unqualified man in American history has won the presidency, at a time when we face unprecedented danger. With the snap of congressional fingers America’s big business was socialized and America’s small business (taxpayers) will, again, foot the bill. Within weeks the American financial system went bust, following the collapse of our mortgage market. The depth of American economic and congressional corruption exposed itself, to the devastation of the average American resident taxpayer and residents of the rest of the world.
The price of oil also collapsed by nearly 75 percent, demonstrating to many that the cost of petroleum is not tied as much to scarcity as it is to futures speculation, leverage, and short trading.
Russia has returned to its cold war tactics, with nuclear rearmament, and deliberate provocation towards what’s left of the free world. China has become rich by America’s carefree, spendthrift extravagance, and continues its huge military build-up – expanding its long-desired hegemony over the world. We forgot that China is a deadly, atheist, communist country, and our greatest enemy.
The murderous force of the Muslim Jihadist darkness continues to cry everywhere for death, which it claims to love better than life. Where Russia, China, and the Jihadist Muslim psychopath fail to find enemies, they enthusiastically create them through gratuitous threats of military and economic violence, and real-time violence.
As has been the case for 40 years, millions of American children awaiting birth will never laugh or take their first breath, or contribute their unique gifts to the benefit of this needy world. Obama’s campaign theme was “Change!” But, for the abortion mills it will be bloody business as usual.
So, I find it difficult to expect much happiness in my hope for a Happy New Year. My search for a happy new year can only be found in my hope that Christianity, world wide, as the largest religious organization on earth, with more than 2 billion like-minded members, will be emboldened to speak out for true change, for life, generosity, determined moral strength, and peace. But Christians are helpless without their God, and if we deny Him in the face of a threatening atheistic world, He will deny us – it’s in the Book! And Christians are more than “people of the Book,” we’re people of the Word.
I can’t apologize for the preaching because the older I become the clearer it appears that Christianity is my only true reference. There is good and there is evil. All shades of grey must fall on one side or the other.
Happy New Year – I hope.