We mourn with the men and women of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office at the loss Deputy Eugene Kostiuchenko who was killed in the line of duty yesterday (October 28). An 11-year veteran of the department, he leaves his wife and two sons. May he rest in peace. God bless and console his family members.


Only a few days remain for the American people to rescue their nation from further destruction by President Obama and his Leftist-Democrat agenda. Obama still has two years in which to complete his plan of undermining America's strength and freedom. We must re-build our armed forces, support Israel and the Kurds, and counter attack Islamic Jihadists everywhere. Snatching the US Senate back from radical Democratic hands is the only short-term action that will get the job done. I, especially urge our Evangelical patriots to vote on November 4. Every vote is critically important to the survival of our nation.

Locally - I wholeheartedly endorse JEFF GORELL for Congress.