For what it's worth, I endorsed three school board candidates last week, and criticized one candidate, Tony Prado. I met with Tony this week to sort-out some issues.

He clearly disagrees with my characterization of his behavior while a member of the board during the past several years. I don't want to rehash the disagreement but I do want to correct one comment I made. I just learned that the Gazette was sending its candidate questions to Mr. Prado's old email address. Therefore he did not receive them. He has also been on vacation for several weeks. That problem is now corrected.

My only serious objection to Mr. Prado's candidacy pertains to his disrespectful behavior in addressing members of the public, especially during public comment times. I stand on this criticism, which is in no way meant to be personal. As I said last week, Tony Prado is a good man, just not the right man for the school board.

* * *

More about our City Council candidates next week, but I can strongly endorse Diane McCall and Carrie Broggie, both with impressive records.

* * *

Kudos to our new school Superintendent Adrian Palazuelos. He has taken over his job with energy and enthusiasm. He has also implemented a new digital program for our district. Now our agendas will be distributed digitally.
Mr. Palazuelos tells me that he and his family are happily situated in Fillmore.

Last but not least, he assured me that attention would be paid to the Rosemary hedge in front of the district office sign. Lack of irrigation is killing the hedge which is nearly as old as the building itself. I'm not much of a gardener but I would hate to see it die-off.

As long as I'm on the subject of plant life I should mention that one of two large tree directly in front of the school district office, is dead due to lack of irrigation as well. It's an old tree with very heavy limbs which could fall in a wind storm. For safety sake it should be removed. The other tree is barely making it.

* * *

I wish I had the time to comment on Islamic terror around the world but I don't. Suffice it to say, contrary to our lying president, we are at war with Islam, at least with 25 percent of Islam, and always will be, according to the commands of their holy book. We should keep in mind, as Brigitte Gabriel notes emphatically, the 75 percent of peaceful Muslims "are irrelevant" and remain very quiet. We should address the 25 percent - nearly 300 million jihadists.

I strongly recommend Ms. Gabriel's latest book "They Must Be Stopped".