As I write these words, the Kurdish residents of the Syrian town of Kobane (population 44,821 in the Syrian census of 2004) are being overrun by ISIS Muslim cutthroats. The usual Islamic butchery will quickly follow: beheadings of children, crucifixions, impalements, etc.

As acknowledged many times, America has only two friends in the Middle East, Israel and the Kurds. Both have been betrayed by a craven Obama administration. The Kurds, who have fought valiantly for the US, have not received the arms and ammunition promised by Obama to help defend against ISIS. Because of this betrayal they are now being overwhelmed by the ISIS enemy which they could otherwise defeat. Even the Kurdish women have taken-up arms against the ISIS aggressors who seek to rape, enslave, torture, and mutilate them. The Kurds are courageous and deserving of our help.

The Turks, with their huge army 200 yards from the carnage in Kobane, do nothing - and they are members of NATO. Turkish President Erdogan (a long-time Brotherhood member) seeks to make Turkey the "real" caliphate. Turkey is no longer dependably secular. It is becoming a Sharia-law state. From a western perspective, Turkey's refusal to honor NATO requests for intervention in Kobane is shameful. Turkey is no longer a trustworthy NATO member. When their historical enemies, the Kurds, are defeated, Turkey will go after ISIS.

All of this endless butchery by ISIS is, of course, the result of US presidential cowardice. Last night's extraordinary interview of Obama's former Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, by TV commentator Bill O'Reilly, clearly revealed the facts. Obama is not a leader; he is fearful of leadership, rejects the most professional advice, clings to the advice of Valerie Jarred and his wife's, and remains an implacable far Left ideologue.

Our nation, therefore, is in imminent jeopardy, the clear and present danger of our closet Muslim president who can see no evil, hear no evil, of Islam, the free world's greatest and most deadly enemy.

"...and that what we [the US] stands for –-- liberty and democracy and conservation and fairness and justice -- those are the things that people around the world aspire to and seek, and they expect the United States to be on their side." (President O'Bama's recent speech).

From his mouth, these words are an infamous joke. Pray for the Kurds of Kobane. They need help, not empty words.