James Joseph Stehly passed into eternal life yesterday. I will remember him always as a great man because he was such a good man. I will miss his kindly, joyful presence.

When I first came to Fillmore some 26 years ago I quickly recognized that name and presence. I could hardly believe it. Mr. Stehly was in charge of my platoon at St. Catherine's Military School in Anaheim, (then, the most pristine little town I can ever recall) when I was in the sixth and seventh grades. What memories that reawakened; Major Schmidt, parade grounds, demerits, and measles in the infirmary. This in the years 1951 and '52.

Mr. Stehly was highly respected as the young "civilian" man responsible for keeping order in our ranks. As I grew to know Jim since coming to Fillmore I have to smile when I think back to those days long ago. With all the attempted shenanigans amongst the cadets, we did not get by with much when "Mr. Stehly" was in charge. It was a privilege to be reacquainted with this gentle, upright man almost 60 years later.
Rest in peace, Jim. You are greatly missed.