We are rightly preoccupied with all the growing terrorist threats to our country. And maybe, just maybe, the president will tell us all tomorrow that he has awakened to the clear and present danger that ISIS represents to America.

It would be too much to expect him to admit that behind all of the murderous global terror movements is Islam. Not "radical" Islam, there is no such thing. Islam, according to its founding book, the Koran, was created in the seventh century to subdue the entire world by force. A Muslim must believe every word of the Koran (without change) as the direct, inerrant, absolute word of god, or he is deemed apostate, and must be killed. "Moderate Islam" is a non sequitur, the two words contradict each other, since Islam is about submission of all unbelievers to the dictates of the Koran. It is a religious-socio-political system of perpetual struggle (until the End of Days). Even the intra -Islamic disagreements (Sunni, Shi'ite, and others) can never end without the complete annihilation of heretics, apostates, and unbelievers, as defined by the surviving sect. Outsiders see it as a perpetual murder mechanism.

Therefore, peace, according to Jihadist Islam, will only come when the non-Muslim world of some 6 billion souls is "subdued" by the likes of ISIS.

Mr. President, your job, and highest moral duty, is to launch a military force sufficient to annihilate ISIS to the last of its baby killers.