A Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah to all Fillmore Gazette readers. We hope you all have a warm and peaceful holiday.

The day started abruptly, with a call to the police department warning of a bomb “on the roof of city hall”. Shortly thereafter, Santa Barbara Bank and Trust, across the street from the Gazette office, was robbed at gunpoint.

The Sheriff’s Department responded quickly with a small army of specialized deputies, including the K-9 units, helicopter, and what appeared to be SWAT-type personnel. The robber is currently at large.

On a much happier level, I just returned from our new skateboard park. It is opened for a few days before Christmas so kids can try it out. The place was like an ant farm on a hot summer day. The kids think it is “awesome”. One father came over to me and asked that the Gazette be sure to thank the city for providing the park. His son had been dreaming of the place for several years.