There is so much bad news to deal with every day, much of it directly related to the startling and dangerous incompetence of the Obama administration, that I'm becoming tired of commenting on it. Despite his flood of lies, misrepresentations, and betrayals of trust, one campaign promise our Commander in Chief has assiduously kept was to "fundamentally" change America.

Six years ago most of us couldn't conceive of what this transformation would involve. With Obama's absolute absence of experience and achievement even remotely relevant to running the nation's foreign and domestic affairs, who knew the kind of mischief he had in mind. Who knew what a provocative collection of equally incompetent clowns were to gather around POTUS's cabinet table?

Chuck Hagel at Defense?! Joined at the hip to Obama with bonds of cluelessness. Someone just recently surprised to learn that ISIS is a clear and present danger to US security. He learned that fact from Fox News. He sees an urgent need to recruit Transgenders into our military. To hell with the 99.99 percent of our military members who espouse normal, traditional Judeo-Christian morals. He wants more psychologically troubled "Warrior Princesses". See statements from Dr. Paul R. McHugh, former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry.

John Kerry at State?! Another denier of the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is a primary Muslim enemy of the US. and someone who believes Islam is a religion of peace. Another naive dud.

Eric Holder as AG?! A serial liar and generally acknowledged to be the greatest crook ever to occupy that powerful office. He refuses to execute the law. Like Obama, a hater of our Constitution.

As Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, another obsequious toady of Obama's. This is a man in charge of the most diverse number of the nation's most important departments, including our Coast Guard. Just another Obama Leftist ideologue. Leftist ideology is the strongest tie that binds the whole Obama administration together.

I'm out of space. It's not ISIS and all its satanic, bloodthirsty Muslim Jihadi associates that presents America's most dangerous enemy today. That distinction belongs to our own Leftist president, Barack Obama. I predict we shall learn just how dangerous he and his Leftist ideologues will prove to be before December of 2016.

America's "fundamentals" lie in her Judeo-Christian heart, which needs protection against the foreign degeneracy of the Obama Left.