In attending last night's council meeting I was struck with the professionalism, courteous atmosphere, and businesslike agenda accomplishments. Even the decades-long confrontation concerning Equestrian Park issues were resolved amicably to the applause of many in attendance.

It's great to have adults running city business once again.


World affairs are now so maniacally violent and out of control, ironically, only sudden and massively greater violence can prevent the wholesale disruption of Western Civilization.

Those of us who were able to avoid government education and expensive private liberal university educations can still recall what Western Civ. was all about. In large part we studied the history of the human race and how, what started with Greece and Rome, eventually changed mankind from a state of devil-worshiping barbarism to Judeo-Christian civilization, which grew in wisdom and freedom.

It was not all smooth sailing. The transition was slow and painful, suffering much brutal opposition. During what historians now refer to as "late antiquity", around the time of the fall of the Roman Empire, civilization's greatest enemy arose from the sterile desert sands of Arabia. This enemy of civilization was eventually called Islam and it's single goal was to subdue all mankind by the sword. Join, pay a tax, or die.

It was very easy to join the group, but if you decided to leave you would be killed. In essence, the purpose of this organization was to kill all human beings who refused to join their ranks, which it has been doing since the 7th Century. Seeking booty in gold and slaves Islam became the bloody scourge of all who saw in it implacable evil. Some (incorrectly) see Islam as a variant of Judeo-Christian beliefs. Properly understood, however, its teachings are diametrically opposed to those of both Old and New Testaments, despite the fact that the Koran is filled with names and historical references from the Bible.

The Judeo-Christian God is omnipotent (all powerful) but also a personal and loving God. It is otherwise in Islam. Muslim believers are commanded to convert, enslave, or kill "non-believers" without distinction of age, sex, or any other characteristic. Very many practices in Islam are strictly forbidden to Christians and Jews under penalty of eternal damnation to hell. Christians and Jews, for example, cannot kidnap women and girls and sell them into sex slavery, or behead children, which Muslim believers do every day. The Devil demands these things, but the Judeo-Christian God forbids these things.

So, whether we fight Boco Harem, Hamas, the so-called Islamic Caliphate, or Muslim Brotherhood murderers, we fight to defend the blessings of freedom in Western Civilization. If we don't fight these satanic killers we abandon millions of innocent "non-believers" to a gruesome and bloody fate - which is un-Judeo-Christian.
America had better get over its alleged "war-weary" sentiments, if only for its own survival.

It's time for an all-out, sustained aerial war against these child rapists and slavers in Iraq. Time to lay down the golf clubs Obama. Time to come out and fight, for God's sake!