With friends like Obama, Israel has no need of other enemies.

Following his lifelong pro-Muslim, anti-Jewish agenda, our fearless leader has finally succeeded in truly endangering America's ONLY Middle Eastern friend and sole democracy.

Barack Obama has repeatedly shown himself as friend of our enemies and enemy of our friends. He has set the tone (and example) for reinvigorated, murderous anti-Semitism worldwide. So it doesn't surprise me to hear reports of a recent telephone conversation between Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama (or Secretary Kerry) which ended abruptly with one side slamming down the phone. I hope and trust it was "Bibi" who unceremoniously ended the call.

The White House, and its troupe of Hamas flying monkey abettors, deserve nothing less than that contemptuous reply. Make no mistake about it, Obama has switched sides in the middle of the war, much like the deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, so warmly received by our Commander in Chief at the White House.

I've said before that Obama's actions and failures to act, in crucial foreign and domestic affairs, clearly indicate his hatred for America as it has functioned for the past 200-plus years. The fundamental changes he has repeatedly promised to inflict upon our country are quickly bringing America to her knees in the face of an implacable, satanic jihadist enemy. If America had a parliamentary system rather than a democratic republican one, Obama would have been thrown out of office shortly after the beginning of his second term. It takes a long time for the American electorate to wake up and smell the lies and betrayals.

America should thank God Israel is our friend - and act like it! Let's all assist in crushing this newly awakened, vile anti-Semitism. Peace will only come with the utter crushing of Hamas and its Devilish cohorts.