The most recent example of America's fallen status as a respected super power occurred in Egypt. It is reported that our hapless Secretary of State, John Kerry, had to undergo a metal detector screening before being admitted into the presence of Egypt's President, Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi at the Egyptian presidential palace. I guess if Obama ever pays another visit to the palace he may have to undergo the flea powder treatment. How many billions does America give to Egypt every year? National humiliation is the Obama hallmark.


ISIS now runs the city of Mosul, Iraq. This is the mad dog Sharia-Jihadist terrorist group demanding total allegiance from some billion-plus Muslim people throughout the world.

While the rest of the world, particularly the Western world, sits idly by, ISIS is murdering tens of thousands of Christians in lands that were Christian for thousands of years. The Sharia battle cry is convert to Islam or die. They just burned a Catholic church which has survived since the year 200, the oldest Christian church in the world, founded by the earliest disciples of Jesus.

The plague of Jihadist Islam can also be seen all over north Africa. The Islamic butchery there is inflicted by a group known as Boco Haram in northern Nigeria founded by Mohammed Yusuf. They kidnap hundreds of Christian girls, sell them into sex slavery, force them to convert to Islam, or murder them.

But this sort of mayhem has been common to nearly all Islamic countries for fourteen hundred years.

Islam and its bloody Jihadists are on the march once again. Not since the eighth century has it wrought such devastation. It is permitted to do so today only because the civilized world is, once again, led by weaklings; Christians do not defend themselves, under a mistaken belief that they must forgive and "turn the other cheek" - even if reason and respect for the dignity of humanity demand defense. God help the innocent Christian and Jewish populations being slaughtered and enslaved in Africa and the Middle East - no one else seems to want to.
The free people of the West are morally responsible for the Islamic slaughter in the East, while we recline in comfort. We have the military power, but lack the will to act. There is no such thing as moderate Islam! It has always been, and remains, a struggle to the death. Read their Koran before rejecting this conclusion.