Tuesday's council meeting was standing room only. A vocal, loud-clapping crowd attended.

Three issues dominated the public comment periods, the end of the railroad era for Fillmore, our Equestrian Center, and the Chevron Super Fund clean-up east of town.

Passionate regrets were expressed for the loss of the Fillmore railroad. The city council was blamed for failing to support the railroad in its dispute with transit authority. This was an unfair criticism. The main issue in this dispute relates to significant costs of maintaining the line from Piru to Santa Paula. The court has ruled against the Fillmore railroad several times. If, in all the years of arguing over this particular issue, the railroad has been unable to win at court, that failure has to be attributed to un-persuasive legal and business advice, professional or amateur. It's sad to see the railroad go, but over the years the city has bent over backwards to facilitate this project. The blame does not lie with city council.


Our southern border continues to fester and our president obviously cares nothing about this unprecedented, clear and present danger to America's health, safety, and defense. Why should he, he's the one who deliberately pushed border security over the cliff. I no longer see Obama as president; I see him as a foreign agent cooperating with a growing number of our most deadly enemies.

His ultra Leftist policies are setting the world on fire. Three things he could do to at least dampen the flames: heavy air attack on American military assets captured by the so-called Caliphate in Iraq; give Israel all the material assistance it can use (Israel is America's only Middle East friend!); do the same to strengthen Jordan - immediately. Oh, - one other thing, bring a heavy military presence to our southern border - also immediately.

It's alleged that America has become weary of war. Bad news bulletin: war has only begun to engage America.