A great victory for public education was handed down Tuesday by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Rolf M. Treu. Judge Treu who ruled that tenure for California teachers was unconstitutional. "If the preliminary ruling becomes final and is upheld, the effect will be sweeping across California and possibly the nation."

Tenure for teachers, a perk no other professional organization enjoys, has meant that our public educational system has been virtually unable to fire incompetent teachers. "Judge Treu stated that tenure protections ‘impose a real and appreciable impact on students' fundamental right to equality of education the evidence is compelling. Indeed, it [effect of bad teachers] shocks the conscience."

"The laws governing job security were unconstitutional because they harmed predominantly low-income, minority students by allowing incompetent instructors to remain in the classroom."
Thank you Judge Treu!

* * *

By now even the dullest member of the electorate must see that Barack Obama's "leadership" is a clear and present danger to American freedom. The degree and frequency of his decisions, both domestic and foreign, are a cause of alarm. His mistakes are so egregious thoughtful citizens have begun to question his motivations, even his mental state. He has turned the already chaotic condition of the Middle East into an almost incomprehensible mess.

We now have Iranians defending Iraq. No one yet dare admit a civil war was broken out. We are evacuating many of the 5000-plus employees from our largest embassy. It appears to be Vietnam all over again.

Iraq has been overrun by the Al-Qaida. One third of that country is under enemy control. Al Qaida is stealing US armaments, including shoulder fired ground-to-air missiles and thousands of vehicles, thousands of tons of munitions, helicopters (Blackhawks?) and other heavy weapons. Most headed to Syria on flatbed trucks. We aren't even able to attack these huge enemy convoys with cluster bombs, but there are reports of Sunni Iranian fighter aircraft in action against Sunni- Al-Qaida in the north.

As for our own southern border, more utter chaos without a remedy from the White House. What remedy can there be for an insane president, a criminal Attorney General, and the cloud of yes-men doing their bidding.

Take a look at Andrew C. McCarthy's new book, Faithless Execution, Building the political case for Obama's Impeachment. The votes are there in the House; maybe the obviousness of our dire situation could assure the votes in the Senate.