Debra Heine, on Breitbart has it right:

"It's not like she had any more credibility to lose, but [United States National Security Advisor, Susan Rice] told some whoppers, yesterday, possibly as Allahpundit notes at Hot Air, in a calculated attempt to set a false narrative...." "Even as the truth was gushing out about the deserter, Bergdahl, Susan Rice was on ABC News telling George Stephanopoulos that he was captured "on the battlefield" and that he had "served with honor and distinction." "As Ace quipped, Susan Rice, like Ron Burgundy, will literally read whatever is put on a card in front of her."

Ms. Rice exemplifies everything that is so disastrously bad about the Obama administration. United States National Security Advisor, Susan Rice - sounds impressive. But like the rest of Obama's minions she's ill-equipped for the job, except for the fact that, like the rest, she will do her master's bidding; she follows orders without question. Also like the rest, she shares in the administration's tacit guarantee of bulletproof tenure. Regardless of the outcome she will never be fired; will certainly never have to face a warrant from our imbedded attorney general. She's a protected co-conspirator in the Obama cabal.

This Bergdahl exchange is yet another monstrous betrayal of national defense by the guy sworn to defend and protect our Constitution, and faithfully enforce our laws. I refuse to suspend my sense of reality any longer in some hope that the national nightmare will soon disappear. I can't find a single member of this administration I can trust. They're all liars, crooks, thieves, gross incompetents, or worse

Just look at who the president has placed in charge of our nation and its defense, the most radical Leftist-liberals and incompetents ever to have been assembled in our government's history. All of them are slick, obsequious toadies, including half of our generals.

There's a great book just out entitled "Faithless Execution, building the political case for Obama's impeachment", by Andrew C. McCarthy. The exchange for Sgt. Bergdahl, involving the release of 5 of the most dangerous killers in the world (think crimes against humanity) for what clearly appears to be an Army deserter and a traitor, is almost inconceivably foolish . The evidence is clearly there to apply both words to Bergdahl.
Obama should be impeached for many good reasons, none more important than the release of the 5 Islamic butchers from Guantanamo Bay.

My disgust and alarm over the Obama gang's activities has reached the overflow point. If we were able to impeach Clinton we should be able to both impeach Obama and convict him. He is the Great Destroyer.