Congratulations to all those responsible for organizing Monday's Memorial Day ceremonies. This was perhaps the best one I have seen in many years. The fly-over by four WWII Mustangs was a special touch.

* * *

The Gazette has had several "special" challenges this week so I have to keep my comments short.

A quick sample of the attitude which requires that our website can no longer be offered free of charge after 8 years. This from "Dennis" in northern California.

"As a former resident of Fillmore and now living in northern Calif, I often go to your Web site to catch up on Fillmore news. With you making Internet users pay to read your small town once a week piddling paper points to your "money is the bottom line attitude" You've taken the low road, just like the Ventura Star & LA Times. Shame on you.
Dennis Adams.”

Thanks, Dennis. Spoken like an archetypical liberal. Do you work for free? If so, we have a lot of odd jobs around here you could help us with. I wish I had the time to provide the answer your letter deserves.