Congratulations to our Future Farmers of America who are celebrating their 75th anniversary this Thursday. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing a small part in reporting on their various activities these past 25 years. The tractor events, especially, bring back many happy memories of my first 18 years living and working on the family ranch. Sadly, today we all live in an utterly different world, controlled by an anti-traditional culture and a domineering government. How simple things were in the 40s and 50s when citizens still controlled the government, and our culture was unabashedly Judeo-Christian in character.

FFA, keep strong. You are among the few remaining bastions of America at its traditional best.


I just heard that our California Legislature is about to pass a bill authorizing birth certificates to be signed by a father as the mother, and the mother as the father. Confusing? It’s meant to be. Just another example of legislation produced by our degenerate state Senate and Assembly. These depraved Leftists are legion in our state government. These are the people who recently passed a law permitting men and boys to use girls’ bathroom and locker room facilities in all public school campuses. Time to flush Sacramento.