I was happy to see that, at last night’s city council meeting, our city manager’s suggestion that a plaque honoring America’s motto, In God We Trust, was approved to be placed in city hall. In a unanimous vote, Mayor Minjares, Council members Diane McCall, Rick Neal, and Doug Tucker agreed that such a plaque should be installed. Councilman Steve Conaway was absent.

There are some Americans, such as ex-Katzenjammer Bob Stroh (who sauntered into the short meeting to express his angst at any reference to God in a public building) who object, but the vast majority approve of our motto. After all, our Founding Fathers reverenced God enough to base our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and struggle for independence upon His authority.

Atheists and agnostics are quick to parrot their objections to all references to God on their mistaken understanding of the original meaning of our Constitution, in particular the so-called “separation of church and state”. They fail to understand that this statement refers to a prohibition against the “establishment” of a national church, like that in England, from which our “Puritans” fled. This new radical Leftist-liberal interpretation which seeks to deny and remove every vestige of God from government will prove fatal in our future.

It is true that America does not have a Judeo-Christian government; that would be unconstitutional. It is also equally true that we ARE a Judeo-Christian NATION.

Some of our most influential Founders were Deists, etc., but ALL subscribed to basic traditional Judeo-Christian morals and philosophy. Our law is thoroughly informed by Judeo-Christian ethics and principles – most of it Biblical.

To say that In God We Trust is also to logically admit that in un-godly works and beliefs we do NOT trust. Our Founders chose to DISCRIMINATE AGAINST un-godly ideas in government as apposed to Judeo-Christian mores. Some knowledge of George Washington’s life-long religious beliefs, as well as Abraham Lincoln’s, and nearly every president down to Bush II, tells the same story. America is a nation saturated from birth in the truths of Judeo-Christian beliefs – while defending freedom of thought for all beliefs, even though tragically mistaken in practice at times.

Taking Bob Stroh’s argument to its logical extreme (keeping God out of government and all government works) gnaws away at our country’s vital strength. This extreme, false interpretation is the cause of the obvious disintegration of government schools, our military forces, and pervasive corruption of our government.

I read that a Los Angeles police officer is suing (with his wife) the city, claiming discrimination because of his Wiccan Religion. Wiccan is witchcraft, “The Craft” in short.

Our military chaplains are now forced to perform same-sex “marriages” in military chapels. So, 95 percent of our military Judeo-Christian believers are, for the first time, forced to respect practices traditionally deemed blasphemous in “the house of God.” All of this notoriously disruptive anti-Christian regulation just to appease a tiny minority through Political Correctness.

These are life-and-death issues. The overall atmosphere created by anti-Judeo-Christian regulation, such as permitting and defending openly homosexual practices in our military, will ultimately destroy trust and cohesiveness in the ranks.

I am utterly dumbfounded by the near absence of any strong defense of traditional moral values in today’s armed forces. It must be due to those who have successfully convinced our “leaders”, from the president down through the general staff and the Department of Defense, that God and traditional morals are no longer needed to defend America.

What a dreadful future we are creating.